About Us


We grew up in the Midwest, where we learned that farm-to-table, rich, ripe foods are the most nourishing. We continue to provide whole foods to our families to keep us healthy, satisfied, and strong. Our passion for foods in their most natural state extends to our love of the outdoors, where many of our family and friends enjoy hunting, fishing, and gardening.  

Avid Armor was founded with a simple mission in mind: create superior vacuum sealer products that can handle an intense workload. Today our products are in the kitchens of hunters, gardeners, chefs, bulk shoppers, and businesses who need to extend the life of their food in their freezer. Our products help you eat fresh, provide nourishing foods to your families, and preserve the food you’ve worked so hard for.

At Avid Armor, we don’t just care about vacuum sealer products; we care about you. As an American small business, we are committed to working hard to meet each of our customer’s needs. We are passionate about our unique products, fast shipping, and our personalized, helpful customer service experience. With Avid Armor, you can be confident that you’re getting quality products from a trusted business.

Welcome to the Avid Armor family! Find us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and new product releases. We’re so happy to be processing fresh...field to sealed with you.

David & Nina