Bulk to Freezer: Storing Vacuum Sealed Whole Bean Coffee for Long Term Freshness

Bulk to Freezer: Storing Vacuum Sealed Whole Bean Coffee for Long Term Freshness

Nov 3rd 2017

When it comes to buying things in bulk, coffee is definitely one of the things you can save big on when you purchase in large amounts. Some people like to purchase their coffee in bulk from local roasters, but then how do you store all that coffee when you now have months worth of coffee you need to keep it fresh and prevent it from losing its flavor and going stale?

There are so many different opinions about what is the best way to store coffee. Some of the most important basics are to decrease air movement, limit temperature fluctuations, and avoid exposure to light.

Vacuum sealing your coffee beans is an excellent way to store your beans but it's also important to know that whole coffee beans release CO2 gas when they are packaged. If you vacuum seal coffee and store it in your pantry, the gasses being released will cause the bag to fill up with gas, therefore no longer being tightly vacuum sealed. This is why when you purchase whole coffee beans from the grocery store you'll notice they've been vacuum sealed but the bags have a one-way valve. This valve allows the fresh coffee to outgas without losing its vacuum and then the bag can be resealed.

In order to slow down or stop your coffee beans from outgassing when vacuum sealing at home, it is critical to store them in the freezer. Storing your vacuum sealed coffee beans in the freezer will keep moisture away from the coffee, decrease air movement, limit temperature fluctuations, avoid the dreaded exposure to light, and keep your coffee from losing its vacuum seal.

Coffee Beans vacuum sealed and store in the freezer for long term freshness

Lastly, when it's time to pull out one of your bags for grinding and brewing, make sure to completely thaw the coffee beans prior to opening the vacuum sealed bag.