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Jerky Gun 9"

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Weight, Dimensions, Includes,


1.3 lbs
13" x 2.75" x 8.25"
(1) Single Flat Jerky Strip Nozzle Attachment, (1) Single Snack Stick Nozzle Attachment


  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Equipped with an aluminum jerky barrel, die-cast handle, and heavy-duty caps, the Avid Armor beef jerky gun enables you to make jerky in your home kitchen with ease. 
  • MAKE HOME-MADE JERKY IN MINUTES - This jerky maker features an effortless retractable plunger, and smooth-pump handle that will help dramatically cut down the time it takes to make mouth-watering jerky at home. 
  • A FRACTION OF THE COST - Skip out on the pricey, store-bought jerky for good! Use the meat of your choice to create healthier, and delicious protein snacks for the whole family.
  • THE COMPLETE KIT - Experiment with each of the stainless steel jerky nozzles. Create your choice of flat or round strips instantly with this Avid Armor Jerky Cannon. 
  • EASY TO USE - Right out of the package, you’re ready to get cooking! Just choose your stainless steel tip, assemble the gun, season then load the meat, and squeeze the EZ-grip handle. Make perfect jerky every time. 


Just 4 easy steps to create tasty jerky snacks 

1. Load the Jerky Gun with a Meat of Your Choice

Take a ground and seasoned meat of your choice and create small balls of meat that are smaller than the width of the tube. Insert balled meat in the tube until it is full, make sure that you leave about 1 inch of room at the top of the tube.

2. Shoot the Jerky Onto the Trays

Attach the jerky canon nozzle of your choice, and then take the jerky gun and shoot strips of meat onto a dehydrator tray, oven rack or cookie sheet.

3. Dehydrate in Oven or Dehydrator

Once your jerky is laid out on the tray you are ready to dry it out! Just dehydrate the jerky until ready in a dehydrator or you can even try to cook it in an oven with the door cracked. Cook the protein snacks until they reach a desired dryness.

4. Enjoy Your Jerky!

After your jerky is done cooking, you’re done! Just let it cool to room temperature before you enjoy your new tasty treats. The Avid Armor Jerky Gun makes jerky making is a fun and fast process. Create tasty snacks that the whole family can enjoy.





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