Magic Vac® 2.5 Liter Square Commercial Grade Marinating Container

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1 Year Guarantee


1 Year Guarantee


Magic Vac® Accessories include a vast assortment of containers, an effective and rapid solution to always have your refrigerator, freezer and pantry in good order. A storage system that maintains taste and flavor of frequently used products such as pasta, soups, cereals, flour, sugar, crisps and biscuits over time.

The Magic Vac® 2.5 Liter Square Commercial Grade container can be used with any Avid Armor or Magic Vac® machine that feature an accessory port.  Also, if used with an Avid Armor or Magic Vac® sealer with the marinating function, you can reach full marination in mere minutes compared to several hours using traditional techniques. 

To marinate meat, poultry or fish more quickly, prick the surface of the food, place it inside container and cover with the marinade of your choice. Create vacuum in the MAGIC VAC® Container by using any vacuum sealer with an accessory function and then chill in the fridge for 20-40 minutes. The final result will be like an overnight marinating.

  • Keeps foods longer compared to other traditional non-vacuum storage
  • Protective lid with fluid suction prevention system (pump protector)
  • Stackable
  • Works with all major brand vacuum sealer models that have an accessory/canister function
  • Canisters are BPA free, food safe, refrigerator and freezer safe


  • Magic Vac® Maxima 2
  • Avid Armor USV20
  • Avid Armor A100
  • Avid Armor A420
  • Avid Armor AV3100
  • Avid Armor AVS7900

Cleaning & Care

  • Gentle wash without lid on the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Defrosting without lid in microwave
  • Suitable for use in freezer.  Perform vacuum operations at home room temperature only

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Magic Vac® 2.5 Liter Square Commercial Grade Marinating Container
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