Avid Armor 12" Vacuum Sealer Model A100


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The team at Avid Armor has been in the packaging industry for decades and we set out to provide a machine that will stand up to the rigorous demands of processing & butchering wild game, fish and harvest, at the same time not breaking the bank for consumers that just need an easy-to-use machine for everyday use of meal prepping, storing leftovers, long term bulk freezer storage and sous vide cooking. If you are looking for the best commercial vacuum sealer for home use, then look no further!

The Avid Armor Model A100 Vacuum Sealer features:

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clear View Lid for Easy Loading and Sealing
  • Extra wide, Easy-to-Load and Clean Vacuum Channel
  • Pulse Setting to Prevent Crushing Delicate Items
  • Impulse Seal Function to Continuously Seal Bags without Vacuuming
  • Adjust Seal Time Function to Ensure Perfect Seal
  • Double Piston Pump with Cooling Fan for Continuous Bag Sealing
  • Accessory Port for Marinating and Vacuum Sealing with Canisters (Canisters not included)


  • 450 Watts of Vacuum Power
  • 12 Inch Long Sealing Bar
  • Wide 5 mm Seal Wire
  • 110 - 120 Volt - 60Hz
  • 15" W x 10.75" D x 3.75" H (5.25" H including handle)


  • 30 Convenient Sized (10 Each - Pint, Quart, Gallon) BPA-Free Avid Armor Vacuum Seal Storage Bags
  • Vacuum Tubing for Vacuum Marinating Canisters (Canisters not shown nor included)
  • Replacement Vacuum Chamber Gasket, Metal Heating Element, and Heat Tape
  • 1 Year Warranty Guarantee


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