Not Your Mama's Stuffed Wild Turkey Meatloaf

Not Your Mama's Stuffed Wild Turkey Meatloaf

Posted by From Field to Plate | Jeremiah Doughty on Mar 7th 2023

Does meatloaf strike fear in your heart? Does it remind you of your mama's house and the way it smelled when she made it? Meatloaf is one of those classic dishes that you don't see very often, but if you have a day to tackle a meatloaf recipe at home, we have the perfect one for you courtesy of @FromFieldtoPlate

This recipe takes that traditional dish and turns it on its head. It is sure to take your homestyle cookin' to the next level using ingredients that don't make an appearance in your typical meatloaf (think cheese and lunch meat). This is not your mama's recipe!


2 lbs. Ground (Wild turkey, venison, beef, etc.)

10 sliced smoked turkey or ham

2 eggs

½ red onion, chopped fine

1 red bell pepper, chopped

5 cloves garlic, minced or grated

12 basil leaves

2 cups breadcrumbs

½ cup milk

2 cups mozzarella cheese

1 tbsp garlic powder

½ tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp dried basil

1 tbsp dried parsley

2 tsp cracked pepper

1 tsp sea salt


1. Preheat smoker or oven to 375ºF.

2. In large glass bowl add ground meat, veggies, seasonings, eggs, milk, and breadcrumbs. Combine with hands or spoon until fully mixed.

3. On parchment lined baking sheet dump your meat mixture into the center. Using your hands or a spoon smash meat down into a large rectangle on your baking sheet about ½ inches thick.

4. Lay the sliced lunch meat down leaving 1” around the boarders.

5. Lay down whole basil leaves, followed by mozzarella cheese.

6. Using your parchment paper, tuck and roll meatloaf. Fold in the corners to keep cheese from melting out.

7. Bake or smoke for 45 minutes or until 165ºF internal temperature is met.

8. Let rest 2 minutes, slice and serve with pasta or rice and top with a pasta sauce, or mashed potatoes.