Preserving Summer Flavors: How to Freeze Corn on the Cob with Vacuum Sealing

Preserving Summer Flavors: How to Freeze Corn on the Cob with Vacuum Sealing

Posted by Avid Armor on Jun 5th 2024

Introduction to Preserving Fresh Corn

Summer is synonymous with sweet, succulent corn, and preserving its freshness allows you to savor this seasonal delight all year round. Freezing corn at its peak ensures that you can enjoy its vibrant taste and nutritional benefits well beyond the harvest. Vacuum sealing, with its ability to lock in flavor and freshness, is particularly effective for this task. Avid Armor's state-of-the-art vacuum sealing technology is a key ally in this endeavor. Designed to preserve the taste and texture of your corn, Avid Armor's solutions ensure that the summer's bounty remains as delightful as the day it was picked.

fresh corn on the cob

Selecting the Best Corn for Freezing

Choosing the right ears of corn is the first step to guaranteeing deliciously sweet kernels throughout the colder months. Opt for corn that is ripe, with plump kernels and a buttery, yellow hue. Ears should feel firm and heavy in hand, with bright green, tightly wrapped husks and shiny, sticky tassels. The quality of the corn you select is paramount when it comes to freezing. High-quality corn not only tastes better but also withstands the freezing process more effectively, ensuring that every bite is as close to fresh as possible.

Preparing Your Corn for Vacuum Sealing

Begin by shucking the corn, removing all the silk, and rinsing the ears thoroughly. Next, blanch the corn by boiling it briefly before plunging it into ice water; this process halts enzyme activity that can cause loss of flavor and color over time. These preparatory steps are critical for locking in the corn's natural sweetness and succulence. By cleaning and blanching before vacuum sealing, you enhance the corn’s preserved flavor, allowing you to enjoy the essence of summer at any time.

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How to Use Your Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer

For the task of sealing corn, the [NEW & IMPROVED] Avid Armor 12" Vacuum Sealer Model A100 | GEN 2 and the Avid Armor Ultra Series Model USV20 Chamber Vacuum Sealer stand out as your go-to appliances. They combine efficiency with ease of use, promising an airtight seal that maintains the integrity of your corn. Sealing your corn is a breeze with these models. Simply place blanched and chilled corn on the cob into a vacuum sealer bag, position the open end of the bag in the sealer, and choose the appropriate setting. The machine takes over from there, removing air and sealing the bag with a robust, lasting closure.

A100 GEN 2 Avid Armor USV20 chamber vacuum sealer

Best Practices for Vacuum Sealing Corn

Even pressure and a tight seal are key for effective vacuum sealing. Ensure that the bag is smooth and wrinkle-free for optimal results. Additionally, avoid overfilling bags; leaving enough space at the open end of the bag facilitates a better seal. The Avid Armor vacuum sealers offer various settings to tailor the sealing process to specific needs.

vacuum sealed corn vacuum sealed corn

Storing Your Vacuum Sealed Corn

The best way to store your vacuum-sealed corn is in the freezer, lying flat to maximize space and facilitate even freezing. Once frozen, the bags can be stacked or filed to keep your freezer organized. Thanks to vacuum sealing, you can expect your corn to retain its quality for much longer—typically between one to two years. This extended shelf life is a testament to the effectiveness of vacuum sealing in combating freezer burn and oxidation.

Savoring Summer's Bounty Year-Round

By following these steps and utilizing Avid Armor's cutting-edge sealing technology, you can confidently freeze corn on the cob, preserving its freshness and flavor. This process captures the essence of summer's harvest and makes it available to you throughout the year. To further enhance your food preservation endeavours, remember to use Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls and explore the full range of products in the Vacuum Sealers collection. Embrace the joy of summer’s corn bounty with the help of Avid Armor.