Avid Armor 6"x8" Mylar Vacuum Pouches - 100 Count

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4.5 MIL per side / 9 MIL total
6" Wide (opening) x 8" Height
Poly Nylon & Metalized Foil
100 Pouches


Revolutionize Your Food Preservation with Avid Armor's Cutting-Edge Mylar Chamber Vacuum Pouches!

Discover the Next-Level Solution for Long-Lasting Food Storage: Avid Armor's NEW Mylar Chamber Vacuum Pouches. Specifically engineered to complement all Avid Armor chamber vacuum sealers, these innovative pouches provide an unmatched level of security that can extend your food's shelf life for an astonishing 20-30 years!

Defend Your Food with our strongest Armor yet.

The ultimate blend of poly nylon and metalized foil to shield your food from the harmful effects of light, moisture, oxygen, and odor. Engineered to withstand punctures and prevent bag failure, these exceptional pouches guarantee ultimate protection and extend your food's shelf life for decades. Rest assured, our bags are BPA/BPS free, ensuring your food stays safe and fresh.

Unlock the Triple Threat: Save, Preserve, & Prepare

Unleash the incredible benefits of vacuum-sealed mylar bags and watch your savings soar! By dramatically reducing food waste, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars every year. Never worry about food shortages again as you plan and store for weeks, months, or even years ahead. Secure your family's future with an ample supply of nourishment.

No More Oxygen Absorbers Required!

Bid farewell to costly and cumbersome oxygen absorbers. Harnessing the power of advanced vacuum sealing technology, our mylar bags create a permanent airtight seal, effectively eliminating the need for oxygen absorbers. Say hello to hassle-free food storage!

Why Mylar? Understanding the Distinction: Mylar vs. Regular Vacuum Seal Pouches.

Mylar pouches, made of metalized polyester film, provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light. They are durable, opaque or metallic in appearance, and commonly used for long-term dry food storage. On the other hand, regular vacuum seal pouches, woven from multilayer plastics, offer an affordable alternative with reliable barrier properties. Standard or mylar pouches, they are both versatile companions for various packaging needs.

Multiple Sizes for Optimal Convenience

Embrace ultimate convenience with our versatile range of mylar pouch sizes. Whether you're portioning out small batches or storing in bulk, we've got you covered. Our pouches seamlessly integrate with all Avid Armor chamber vacuum sealers, as well as other leading brands. Choose from:

  • 6x8: Perfect for individual portions and creative culinary experiments.
  • 8x12: The go-to size for various storage needs, widely favored by our customers.
  • 11x10: An Avid Armor "EXCLUSIVE" size meticulously designed for the USV20. The envelope-shaped bag features a long-side opening, perfectly aligned with the chamber's orientation.
  • 10x12: Our largest pouch, tailor-made for bulk storage of dry goods and more.

Elevate your food preservation game today with Avid Armor's game-changing mylar pouches. Don't miss out on this revolutionary solution that ensures your food remains fresh for years to come.

Includes: 100 Count Pack - 6"x8" Mylar Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Discover the Next-Level Solution for Long-Lasting Food Storage: Avid Armor's NEW Mylar Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Sealing vs. Oxygen Absorbers: The Ultimate Food Preservation Showdown

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