Side by Side Comparison of Our Suction Vacuum Sealer Models AVS7900, A100, and A420

Side by Side Comparison of Our Suction Vacuum Sealer Models AVS7900, A100, and A420

Posted by Avid Armor on Apr 20th 2021

At Avid Armor, we carry a number of vacuum sealers to fit the various needs of our customers. Every model that we carry has different features, but all of them are still designed to get the job done. In Spring 2021 we are launching our brand new suction vacuum sealer model, the A420 and with this new model the most common question is, what’s the difference between the A100 vacuum sealer model and the A420?

To answer that question, below we have described each sealer individually so you are able to see a side-by-side comparison. At the end of the blog we’ve also included a chart detailing the specs and dimensions of all three models.

AVS7900 - Starter Model

The AVS7900 suction vacuum sealer, is our basic starter model. It features a convenient lightweight and compact design, an accessory port and a 12” seal bar. This model is comparable to a typical “Foodsaver” machine, and it is perfect for the occasional user. It is very portable and perfect for any kitchen, dorm, camper, or apartment.

If you are looking for a model that is a little more heavy duty, we recommend looking at our A420 or A100 models.

A420 - Attractive Stainless Steel Design and Loaded with Must Have Features

Our brand new A420 Vacuum Sealer is similar to our A100 model in many ways, but it is more light-weight and loaded with some must have features! It’s still a heavy duty commercial-grade sealer and features an internal cooling fan and is rated for up to 100 back-to-back vacuum seals.

The attractive stainless steel design makes it perfect for your countertops, and it also features a built-in roll storage compartment, with a sliding bag cutter, and a digital display screen, making it easy to use!

A100 - Heavy Duty Workhorse with Internal Cooling Fan

Our trusted A100 vacuum sealer is a top rated, heavy-duty commercial grade machine. It has a strong, double piston pump that is designed to handle back-to-back vacuum sealing and an internal cooling fan to prevent it from overheating. It features an all over stainless steel design, with a clear lid for easy bag positioning.

This sealer is our most heavy duty model, and is perfect for the “avid” user, anyone looking to process wild game, or harvest this is the sealer for you!

Specs and Dimensions

To help answer the question further, Below is a chart with all the specs for comparison as well as dimensions to help show you the differences between all three of our suction vacuum sealer models.

Model AVS7900 A100 A420
Exterior Construction Plastic Stainless Steel Plastic and Stainless Steel
Locking Lid Yes No Yes
Lid Construction Plastic Clear Plastic Stainless Steel and Plastic
Seal Bar Length 12" 12" 12"
Seal Width 3 mm single seal 5 mm single seal 2.5 mm double seal
Internal Cooling Fan No Yes Yes
Included Maintenance Kit No Yes No
Seal Time Settings Yes (Moist or Dry) Yes (1-9) Yes (Moist or Dry)
Pump Single Piston Pump Double Piston Pump

Double Piston Pump

Seal Only Setting Yes Yes Yes
Canisters Accessory Port Yes Yes Yes
Marinate Function No Yes Yes
Watts 110 Watts 450 Watts 230 Watts
Electric 110 - 120 Volt - 60Hz 110 - 120 Volt - 60Hz 120 Volt - 60Hz
Weight 4 Pounds 14.5 Pounds 11 Pounds
Dimensions 15.5" W x 6.25" D x 4.25" H 13.5" W x 17.8" D x 8" H 15.5" W x 11.5" D (13.25" D with handle) x 6" H
Roll Storage No No Yes
Bag Cutter Yes (removable) No Yes (sliding)
Included Accessory Hose No Yes Yes
Storage Compartment No No Yes