Side by Side Comparison of the USV20 to the USV32

Side by Side Comparison of the USV20 to the USV32

Posted by Avid Armor on Aug 25th 2020

Introducing the next generation in the Avid Armor chamber vacuum sealers Ultra Series, the USV20. Now that we've launched another model, the biggest question we hear is... "What's the difference?" 

The short answer is... SIZE. The USV20 has many of the same features of the USV32, including the same pump, same size seal bar, and same overall operation, but in a smaller, compact design. 

So what does that mean? 

With a smaller chamber and the same pump, comes faster vacuum cycles. Since the chamber is smaller, that means there is less oxygen to remove so you can get the same vacuum levels in about half the time. But it also means that you will be limited to smaller portion sizes because the maximum pouch size is smaller. (Our current maximum pouch size we stock is 8"x10")  If you are someone that likes to seal large food items or wants the flexibility to seal in larger portions, then the USV32 would probably be your better bet. If you are looking to seal small items and individual portions for freezer storage or sous vide cooking, the USV20 would most likely be very suitable for you.

What are the differences? 

Besides the size that we already discussed, there are a few other differences between the two.

1. The USV20 has an accessory port for vacuum sealing external jars and canisters, the USV32 does not.

2. The USV20 chamber is made from a molded plastic, the USV32 chamber is made of stainless steel.

3. The USV20 weighs approximately 33% less at only 17.55 lbs, whereas the USV20 is 26.4 lbs.

4. The USV20 has a small metal pouch clamp to hold the pouch in place, where as the USV32 has a pouch clamp bar.

5. The USV20 has a flat, tempered glass lid, the USV32 has an arched, tempered glass lid to give more height to the chamber.

Watch the LIVE side-by-side comparison video:

Below is a chart with all the specs for comparison as well as dimensions.