8" x 12" Quart Size Pre-Cut Vacuum Sealer Bags - 100 Count


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Avid Armor® pre-cut, quart size food vacuum sealer storage bags are built with a professional-grade multi-layer construction to block moisture and oxygen and to prevent food dehydration and freezer burn. The 8" x 12" bag is ideal for storing multiple portions of fruits or vegetables, large cuts of steak, pork chops, chicken breasts or even one pound portions of ground meat. The food saver quart size vacuum seal bags are our most popular and universal bag size.

  • Compatible with ALL vacuum sealers including FoodSaver®, Weston, LEM, Seal-a-Meal, Cabela's and more!
  • 3 mil thick non-embossed front panel for optimum clarity
  • 4 mil thick embossed  back panel with diamond air channel design for maximum oxygen removal and storage life
  • Long term freezer safe
  • Cook safe: Microwave, Boil, Simmer and Sous Vide
  • BPA Free
  • FDA approved food safe material