Guide Series - GS41 & GS53 FAQ

GS41 & GS53


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What is the difference between the Guide Series GS41 & GS53?

Essentially both sealers are exactly the same with the exception of the seal bar size. The GS41 has a 10" seal bar whereas the GS53 has a 12" seal bar. This will be directly proportionate to the maximum pouch size that can be used. For a more in-depth comparison of all our chamber sealers, please read more on our blog HERE.

Can I use FoodSaver or other brand bags in the Guide Series chamber vacuum sealers?

Yes, you can use any brand regular vacuum sealer bag in the Guide Series chamber vac sealers. We recommend using chamber vacuum pouches as they are much more cost effective than embossed/textured vacuum sealer bags. The largest width that can be sealed is 10" or 12" wide depending on the model you own..

Does the Guide Series have an accessory port?

Yes, the Guide Series has an accessory port and accessory hose to vacuum seal external canisters.

Can you vacuum seal Mylar bags with the Guide Series

Yes, you can vacuum and seal mylar bags using the adjustable seal time setting.

How do I vacuum seal delicate or soft items in the Guide Series chamber sealer?

Vacuum sealing delicate items can be more challenging in a chamber vacuum sealer than when using a traditional suction vacuum sealer because it does have to pull about a partial vacuum in order to make a seal.

Can you seal mason jars with the Guide Series chamber sealers?

YES! You can seal mason jars that fit in the chamber either standing up or laying on its side. The max size is a quart mason jar. You can also use the external canister function and a mason jar vacuum hood to vacuum seal mason jars.

How do I change the seal bar on my Guide Series chamber vacuum sealer?

If your seal bar is not functioning properly or worn or wrinkled condition, we recommend replacing the seal bar to ensure your vacuum sealer is running in prime condition. Please refer to the user manual on how to replace the seal wire and tape on your seal bar.

How do I change the lid gasket on my Guide Series?

If your seal bar is not functioning properly or worn or wrinkled condition, we recommend replacing the lid gasket to ensure your vacuum sealer is running in prime condition. Please refer to your user manual for instructions on replacing the gasket.

What is the warranty of the Guide Series?

The Guide Series chamber vacuum sealers come with a standard 1 year warranty.

See our warranty policy here.

Do you sell replacement parts for the Guide Series?

Yes, we sell replacement seal bar, seal pad and lid gaskets which are considered wearable parts on the GS41. These parts are available here:

Why is there air left in the bag after vacuum sealing?

There could be a number of reasons and can be hard to give you an exact answer as to why there is air left in the bag since there are so many variables when using a chamber sealer.

  1. Try expelling any extra air prior to putting bag in the chamber
  2. Make sure the opening of the bag isn't' being pinched off during the vacuum cycle. Lay the bag flat across the seal bar with the bottom layer of bag placed underneath the bag clamp and secured in place.
  3. Increase your vacuum time
  4. Reduce your bag size
  5. Add filler to the chamber (small wood cutting board, book, etc.) to occupy more space

There is a lot of trial and error to determine what works best for your application.

How do I change the oil in my Guide Series chamber vacuum sealer?

It is critical to check your oil regularly and do an oil change if the oil becomes cloudy or discolored. Please watch the video below for instructions on how to change the oil.

How do I troubleshoot when my Guide Series seems like it is not functioning properly?

Does it seem like your chamber sealer is no longer getting an adequate vacuum or having another issue? Please submit a Troubleshooting/Repair request. and we will get in touch with you to resolve.

Where is the Guide Series manufactured?

The Guide Series is manufactured in China. Please know we do stand behind our products in terms of function, quality, and customer satisfaction.

For more FAQ and Troubleshooting Videos, visit our Guide Series Playlist on YouTube