1. Plug in power cord.
  2. Locate power cord on back side of sealer, turn ON.
  3. Place filled pouch in the chamber laying open end across seal bar.
  4. Secure pouch by placing middle tab inside the pouch and lowering the bag holder.
  5. Close lid.
  6. Press the 'Auto Vac & Seal' button.
  7. When cycle is complete, open lid.
  8. Inspect your pouch to ensure a tight vacuum and complete seal.
  9. Adjust vacuum & seal time settings as needed for additional bags, using the 'Set' and '+' or '-' buttons.
  • The USV32 comes a filler plate to help reduce vacuum times or to help achieve a tighter vacuum.
  • The USV32 comes with a spare seal bar and lid gasket. Additional replacement parts can be purchased here.


Can I use FoodSaver or other brand bags in the USV32 chamber vacuum sealer?

Yes, you can use any brand regular vacuum sealer bag in the USV32. We recommend using chamber vacuum pouches as they are much more cost effective than embossed/textured vacuum sealer bags.

How do I vacuum seal liquids in the USV32 chamber sealer?

One of the key benefits of a chamber vacuum sealer is being able to seal liquids with ease. Watch the How To video below:

Does the USV32 have an accessory port?

No! The USV32 does not have an accessory port but you can vacuum seal mason jars and other vacuum accessories that fit inside the chamber.

Can you vacuum seal Mylar bags with the USV32?

You can SEAL a mylar bag using the adjustable seal time setting. We recommend no more than 7 mil bag to ensure a positive seal. See the video below:

How do I vacuum seal delicate or soft items in the USV32 chamber sealer?

Vacuum sealing delicate items can be more challenging in the USV32 than when using a traditional vacuum sealer because it does have to pull about a 50-60% vacuum in order to make a seal. Watch the video below for tips on how to accomplish this.

How does the marinating function work?

The marinating feature is a function in which the vacuum sealer will go under a period of vacuum for a 99 second cycle without a seal.We suggest putting your item and marinade in a shallow container (Rubbermaid, glass, etc.) directly into the chamber. Close the lid and start the marinating function. While the chamber is under vacuum, this allows the pores of the meat to open up and infuse the marinade into the meat much faster than a regular marinating process. We recommend repeating the marinating cycle, 3 times.

Can you seal mason jars with the USV32?

YES! You can seal mason jars that fit in the USV32 chamber. Watch the video below:

How do I change the seal bar on my USV32 chamber vacuum sealer?

If your seal bar is not functioning properly or worn or wrinkled condition, we recommend replacing the seal bar to ensure your vacuum sealer is running in prime condition. Watch the tutorial video below:

How do I change the lid gasket on my USV32?

If your seal bar is not functioning properly or worn or wrinkled condition, we recommend replacing the seal bar to ensure your vacuum sealer is running in prime condition. Watch the tutorial video below:

Why is there pressure loss with 2 seconds left?

The short loss of vacuum pressure when there are a few seconds left is when the sealer is switching over to the sealing cycle. The sealer uses vacuum pressure to raise the seal bar into sealing position, and then lowers back down when the seal cycle is complete. It is completely normal and how it is designed to function.

What is the warranty of the USV32?

The USV32 comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

See our warranty policy here.

Do you sell replacement parts for the USV32?

Yes, we sell replacement seal bar, seal pad and lid gaskets which are considered wearable parts on the USV32. These parts are available here:

Why is there air left in the bag after vacuum sealing?

There could be a number of reasons and can be hard to give you an exact answer as to why there is air left in the bag since there are so many variables when using a chamber sealer.

  1. Try expelling any extra air prior to putting bag in the chamber
  2. Make sure the opening of the bag isn't' being pinched off during the vacuum cycle. Lay the bag flat across the seal bar with the opening tucked behind the seal bar/underneath the black tabs or with the middle tab inside the bag.
  3. Increase your vacuum time
  4. Reduce your bag size
  5. Add filler to the chamber (small wood cutting board, book, etc.) to occupy more space

There is a lot of trial and error to determine what works best for your application.

What does the E1 error mean?

The E1 Error is an indication that the chamber was not able to pull a vacuum and a good seal isn’t forming between the lid and the gasket. After you ensure that the gasket looks to be in good shape, close the lid, press the auto vac and seal button, and then just give a slight press down on the lid. You should see the lid draw down and the vacuum gauge begin to move.


How do I troubleshoot when my USV32 seems like it is not functioning properly?

Does it seem like your USV32 is no longer getting an adequate vacuum or having another issue? Please submit a Troubleshooting/Repair request. and we will get in touch with you to resolve.

Where is the USV32 manufactured?

Our sealers are manufactured in China. Please know we do stand behind our products in terms of function, quality, and customer satisfaction. We understand if you are in search of products made in the USA, but hope that doesn't deter you from supporting us.

For more FAQ and Troubleshooting Videos, visit our USV32 playlist on YouTube


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