A420 FAQ





  1. Run a warm up 'SEAL' cycle to ensure a positive seal when making bags.
    • Close lid making sure each side clicks to lock in place.
    • The display will ready 'READY'.
    • Press the 'SEAL' button.
  2. Place open end of bag in the vacuum channel laying flat across the seal bar.
  3. Close lid making sure each side clicks to lock in place.
  4. The display will ready 'READY'.
  5. Press the 'AUTO VAC & SEAL' button to start the vacuum and seal cycle.
  6. When the cycle is finished, sealer will beep and display will read 'COMPLETE'.
  7. Open lid to remove the vacuum sealed bag.
  8. Inspect your bag to ensure a tight vacuum and a complete wrinkle-free seal.
  • Accessory hose is located on the left side in the storage compartment.
  • Roll storage compartment includes sliding bag cutter


Does the A420 have roll storage or a bag cutter?


YES, the A420 has both roll storage and it includes a sliding bag cutter.

Does the A420 have an accessory port?


Yes! The A420 can vacuum seal external canisters and jars using the accessory port.

What is the warranty of the A420?


The A420 comes with a 1 year warranty.

See our warranty policy here.

Where is the A420 manufactured?


Our sealers are manufactured in China. Please know we do stand behind our products in terms of function, quality, and customer satisfaction. We understand if you are in search of products made in the USA, but hope that doesn't deter you from supporting us.