Avid Armor Suction Vacuum Sealers - Comparison Chart & More!

Avid Armor Suction Vacuum Sealers - Comparison Chart & More!

Posted by Avid Armor on Oct 7th 2022

There are so many vacuum sealers on the market, it can be a difficult decision choosing which one is right for you.

While shopping online you might ask yourself . . .

What are the different types of vacuum sealers? What should I look for when buying a vacuum sealer? What bag sizes do I need? How much counter space will a vacuum sealer take up? Can I use vacuum sealer accessories?

Well, if you ever find yourself pondering these questions, look no further. Avid Armor is here to help answer them!

Currently, Avid Armor carries five suction vacuum sealers. Below is a comparison chart that shows the specifications of each type of suction vacuum sealer, as well as more in-depth information regarding each model.

Note: Suction sealers can ONLY use vacuum sealer bags or vacuum sealer rolls (embossed on one side / smooth on one side).

Avid Armor Suction Vacuum Sealers:

AVS7900 - Starter Model

- The smallest and most economical Avid Armor vacuum sealer
- Compact design for any home kitchen or to take on the go
- Locking lid for hands-free operation
- Small, portable, lightweight machine

A100 - Tried & True

- Stands up to the rigorous demands of processing and butchering wild game, fish, harvest
- Commercial grade vacuum sealer for home use
- Heavy-duty construction

A420- Bells & Whistles

- Locking lid for hands-free, hassle-free operation
- Digital display panel
- Heavy-duty construction

Magic Vac Suction Vacuum Sealers:

We have an exclusive partnership with the brand Magic Vac, to bring Italian made vacuum sealers and accessories to the US market.

Maxima 2 - Semi-Professional with Sought After Features

- Easy to use lock and unlock system
- “ActiSeal 3D” for best results when using Magic Vac brand vacuum sealer bags or rolls
- Double suction speed
- Can be stored upright; reduced footprint on kitchen counter and in storage

Jumbo 30 Evo Plus - Sturdy, Solid, Robust Workhorse

- Designed for the ‘avid’ outdoorsman
- Extra wide seal bar
- Extra powerful double pump
- Oversized motor
- Removable components for easy clean-up

Magic Vac Vacuum Sealers provide best results when used with Magic Vac brand vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls, although they are compatible with Avid Armor brand bags and rolls as well.

Every model of suction sealers that we carry have different features, but all of them are designed to get the job done! If you like to sous vide, meal prep, or freeze food for long-term storage, suction sealers might be just the right option for you.