Avid Armor 3-Piece Food Vacuum Canister Set

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1 Year Guarantee


1 Year Guarantee



Avid Armor® Vacuum Seal Food Canisters are designed for countertop, fridge and pantry storage, to keep food fresh longer than traditional non-vacuum storage methods. This 3-piece set will allow you to vacuum seal the canisters with an airtight seal using any brand vacuum sealer that has an accessory/canister function for containers. The vacuum sealed canisters will help protect your dry goods, fruits & veggies, coffee, pasta, rice, herbs, etc. from spoiling or becoming stale. With proper care, they won't stain, discolor, or crack over long term use. 

  • Keeps foods longer compared to other traditional non-vacuum storage
  • Works with all major brand vacuum sealer models that have an accessory/canister function
  • Vacuum seal mason jars directly in the canisters.
  • Canisters are BPA free, food safe, refrigerator and freezer safe
  • Included: (3) Canisters with Lids, (1) accessory hose
  • Canister Sizes: Large= 2 Liters, Medium= 1.4 Liters, Small= .7 Liters

Cleaning & Care

  • Avoid scratching the surface of the canister by using a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Use warm water and liquid dish soap to remove any food.
  • Rinse clean with water and dry completely before vacuum sealing.


  • Avid Armor USV20
  • Avid Armor USVX
  • Avid Armor A100
  • Avid Armor A420
  • Avid Armor AV3100
  • Avid Armor AVS7900

Instructions for Vacuum Sealing Mason Jars:

  • Place the lid on the mason jar and then loosely screw on the outer band.
  • Place the mason jar into the appropriate sized canister.
  • Place the lid on the canister.
  • Rotate the dial to 'SEAL'.
  • Attach the vacuum hose to the canister and your vacuum sealer.
  • Run your 'canister/accessory' function on your vacuum sealer.
  • Once complete, remove the vacuum hose from canister.
  • Rotate dial to 'OPEN' and remove canister lid.
  • Remove mason jar from canister and tighten outer band.
  • Your mason jar will be vacuum sealed and ready for storage.


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