​Entire Sous Vide Starter Kit in One Kitchen Drawer

​Entire Sous Vide Starter Kit in One Kitchen Drawer

Posted by Avid Armor on Jul 23rd 2021

Hey whats up Avid Armor fam, today we’re going to show you how to create the ultimate all in one Sous Vide kit in a drawer. This one drawer has everything you need to be able to start Sous Viding right away and also gives you a convenient storage solution for everything.

For this we’re going to be using just a basic kitchen drawer, it is about 18inches by 18 inches and six inches deep.

Here is everything we have in the drawer: The Avid Armor AVS7900 vacuum sealer, the Anova Nano Sous Vide Circulator, a kitchen torch, pair of scissors, binder clips, a sharpie and then we have our vacuum sealer bags, in a drawer organizer that we got from IKEA.

To build this we’re gonna start with our AVS7900.

Avid Armor AVS7900

The Avid Armor AVS7900; it's the perfect vacuum sealer for this. It’s small footprint makes it super easy to handle and store and it comes in right under our height limit of 6 inches. It comes with a portable bag cutter inside the machine, and it has a locking handle, making it even easier to use. It is available on our website or on Amazon for $69.

We placed our vacuum sealer along the left side of the drawer vertically, also be sure to use the cord storage on the back so everything stays nice and neat.

Ikea Kvissle Organizer

Now we have the Ikea Kvissle Organizer it is available for $17.99 on ikea.com. This organizer fits perfectly in a drawer or hangs neatly on a wall. It is perfect for keeping multiple sizes of sous vide bags organized and easily accessible.

We did not assemble this organizer, and we took out one of the pockets to help it fit into the drawer.

We placed the bag organizer so that it’s lined up along the back of the drawer with the open end facing the sealer.

Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Bags - Combo Pack

Inside the organizer, we have our sous vide bags. We are using our Avid Armor Combo Pack of vacuum sealer bags they are available on amazon.com or our website for $27. The pack contains 50 of our top three bag sizes: pints, quarts and gallons. This gives you a great variety of bag sizes, to fit whatever you’d like to sous vide.

We do have to fold the gallon sized bags in half, but once we do, the bags fit perfectly in the IKEA organizer.

Anova Nano Sous Vide Circulator

What sous vide kit would be complete without a circulator? We are using the Anova Nano Sous Vide Circulator. This is a great sous vide circulator to have on hand, and it is almost 2 inches smaller than their original circulator. The Anova Nano is the perfect size to fit into your kitchen drawer for quick and easy storage, but it’s also powerful enough to cook for a table of four. It can attach to any pot or container with a fixed clamp, and is easy to clean. They also have a handy app to get recipes and check the temperature of your sous vide bath. You can pick this up on amazon for $128.

We placed the circulator under the organizer in the little slot between the gaps.

Kitchen Torch

Next up we have the butane kitchen torch, which is perfect for searing your food once you’ve sous vide it. It’s portable size means it fits perfectly in this drawer, and it is easy to use. You can get it on Amazon for $50, which we think is a steal.

One tip to keep in mind… Once the torch is lit, there are 2 different flames present and you’ll want to be careful to only use the outer flame to sear your food. If you use the inner flame, it will cause your food to taste like gas ...which is gross.

We’re going to put the torch at the front of the drawer here and slide it partially underneath the organizer

All that’s left are just a few odds and ends that help complete our sous vide starter kit...


We got a pair of scissors which are a great item to keep on hand. They can help you quickly open any sous vide bag, or cut a vacuum sealer roll to create a custom bag size.

Binder Clips

We also like to keep some binder clips on hand incase we need to clip sous vide bags to the side of the sous vide container.


And last, we have a Sharpie. Sharpie’s are always good to have on hand for labeling sous vide bags.

And there you have it...

That’s how we built out our All-in-One Sous Vide Starter Kit. As you can see, it all fits neatly inside this one kitchen drawer, allowing us to keep everything we need on hand, and ready to go.