Charred Rosemary Holiday Cocktail with Notes of Citrus, Smoke & Spice

Charred Rosemary Holiday Cocktail with Notes of Citrus, Smoke & Spice

Posted by Avid Armor on Nov 15th 2022

What's better than sitting by the fireplace during the holiday season cozying up with a flavorful cocktail? This Charred Rosemary Cocktail is the ideal blend of citrus notes, smokiness, and spice that can be enjoyed on a late night in or with dinner guests.

We chose to use Tincup American Whiskey because it is a blend of “high rye” bourbon and single malt whiskey that have been cut with Rocky Mountain water. This whiskey is a beautiful caramel color that has aromas of citrus, ginger snaps, and black pepper, that work harmoniously with the sugared oranges and charred rosemary we chose to pair it with for this holiday cocktail. 

Cocktail Serves: 4


12 oz. Tincup American Whiskey

3 oz. Simple Syrup

2 Navel Oranges

4 Rosemary Sprigs

¼ cup Brown Sugar

Ice Cubes or Ice Balls


1. Fill an 11”x13” chamber pouch with Tincup American Whiskey and simple syrup.

2. Slice one navel orange and place slices into the chamber pouch.

3. Place the chamber pouch into the chamber sealer. For this recipe, we used the ES41, however all Avid Armor chamber sealers will work for making this cocktail. The maximum chamber pouch size and ingredient measurements may vary according to which chamber sealer you are using.

USV20 - 11”x10” Maximum Pouch Size - 8 oz. Whiskey - 1 oz. Simple Syrup
USVX - 10”x13” Maximum Pouch Size - 10 oz. Whiskey - 2 oz. Simple Syrup
USV32 - 11”x13” Maximum Pouch Size - 12 oz. Whiskey - 3 oz. Simple Syrup
ES41 - 11”x13” Maximum Pouch Size - 12 oz. Whiskey - 3 oz. Simple Syrup
GS41 - 10”x16” Maximum Pouch Size - 14 oz. Whiskey - 4 oz. Simple Syrup
GS53 - 12”x16” Maximum Pouch Size - 16 oz. Whiskey - 5 oz. Simple Syrup

Note: Make sure the chamber pouch is filled slightly less than halfway full.

4. On the ES41, or Avid Armor chamber sealers without the ‘Marinade’ function, run an ‘Auto Vac & Seal’ Cycle 3 - 4 times making sure to cancel the cycle before it goes into ‘Seal’ mode (on the last cycle, allowing it to seal the chamber pouch closed). If the chamber sealer has the ‘Marinade’ function, run that function 3 - 4 times.

5. After the Tincup American Whiskey has been infused with the simple syrup and the orange slices, either pour into a shaker to shake over ice before straining into an ice filled Old Fashioned Glass (Rocks Glass) or pour directly into an ice filled Old Fashioned Glass.

6. Slice the second navel orange, then dip each slice (both sides) into the brown sugar.

7. Use a torch or a lighter to heat up the sugar on the orange slices to caramelize them, then place into the glasses for garnish.

8. Place a rosemary sprig into each glass and use a torch or a lighter to char them.


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