Impress Friends & Family this Holiday Season with Flavor-Packed Festive Holiday Apple Cider

Impress Friends & Family this Holiday Season with Flavor-Packed Festive Holiday Apple Cider

Posted by Avid Armor on Dec 15th 2022

Festive Holiday Apple Cider infused with orange, cranberry, cinnamon, and star anise. These flavors add a fun twist to the classic apple cider everyone knows and loves. Enjoy this drink at any upcoming holiday festivities or parties!

If you want to make the apple cider spiked for an adults-only holiday get together, you can add a splash of your favorite bourbon or rum to the chamber pouch. We recommend a cinnamon-infused bourbon or rum for a stronger spiced cider flavor.


3 cups apple cider

1 gala apple, sliced into rounds

1 navel orange, sliced into rounds

½ cup fresh cranberries

5 whole star anise

3 - 4 cinnamon sticks

For this recipe, any Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer will work to infuse the apple cider with festive holiday flavors. We decided to use the Guide Series GS53 with an 11”x13” chamber pouch. Depending on the chamber sealer you have and the maximum chamber pouch it can fit, you may need to alter the amount of ingredients used. The rule of thumb is filling the chamber pouch no more than halfway full with liquid. Keep in mind, you will be adding quite a few apple and orange slices, which will take up space in the pouch. 


1. In an 11”x13” chamber pouch, add the apple cider, apple slices, orange slices, cranberries, star anise, and cinnamon sticks.

2. Place the pouch into the GS53 chamber and run a vacuum and seal cycle with the vacuum time set between 35-50 and the seal time set to 1.5 - 2.

3. Once vacuum sealed, remove from the chamber sealer and either refrigerate until ready to enjoy or cut the edge off the chamber pouch to make a pouring spout.

4. Pour the infused apple cider in a cup over ice. Add some of the fresh fruit into the glass and even a cinnamon stick or two.