Vacuum Sealing 101 for Hunters

Vacuum Sealing 101 for Hunters

Posted by Avid Armor on Dec 11th 2019

If you’re a hunter, then you already know the large amounts of meat that can come home with you after a hunting trip. After working hard to hunt all that potential food you don’t want to waste one bit of it, this is where vacuum sealing can be a tremendous tool. Vacuum sealing your kill not only makes the meat last longer, but it can also help you to organize and section out your meat as well. Below are all the ways that vacuum sealing can be greatly beneficial for hunters.

Why Vacuum Seal?
Vacuum sealing is a process of sealing your meat or other items into an air tight, vacuum sealed bag that is completely sealed tight keeping the contents inside safe from any air, water or other elements getting in and contaminating the food. This process is crucial, especially when it comes to foods like raw meat which are only good for 7-10 days refrigerated. This amount of time can be extended drastically when the meat is vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer it can actually stay fresh for 2+ years.

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing for Hunters
There are a great deal of benefits with vacuum sealing that hunters should seriously consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a vacuum sealer. A few of the main benefits of vacuum sealing for hunters are:

  • The meat is kept just as fresh as the day you vacuum sealed it
  • The appearance, texture and coloring of the meat is unchanged even after being stored for long periods of time
  • No freezer burn, which ruins your meat as well as discolors it
  • Vacuum sealing makes seasonings more savory and full of flavor when sealed alongside your meat (such as rosemary, sage, salt, bacon-wrapping, etc)
  • There won’t be any overwhelming “meat smell” in the freezer since the meat is sealed air tight
  • Meat can be portioned out into meal size portions prior to vacuum sealing so that you can defrost only as much as you need at a time
  • If you are selling your hunted meats, then vacuum sealing can bring a higher price because it is in better condition
  • These are just some of the awesome benefits that can from vacuum sealing your kill after hunting.

    How to Vacuum Seal

    Vacuum sealed sausage from deerVacuum sealing can sound a little intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the process, but that’s why, at Avid Armor, we give you all the tools you need to vacuum seal your meat like a pro. A few tips for sealing your meat include:

  • Be sure to thoroughly clean, dry, and cut your meat before sealing, and section it off in portions that are equivalent to what you want to thaw in one sitting
  • Purchase only bags that will work with your vacuum sealer. Avid Armor bags are universal and will work with any machine. Check them out here.
  • Always make sure your bag is vacuum sealed completely, the bag should shrink very tightly around the contents and show a complete absence of air. 
  • Double check that all air is removed by squeezing the bag in several places with your fingers to ensure no air bubbles.
  • Ensure that the seal on the bags is complete, with no air bubbles, wrinkles, or milkiness. These things can cause air to seep into the bag, causing freezer burn.
  • Write the type of food with a date that it was sealed on the bag for maximum freshness and accuracy of when it was stored and frozen.
  • Hunting is a sport that involved skill and precision, so don’t waste long hours and talent bringing home pounds and pounds of meat that will end up spoiling because it wasn’t packaged or stored properly. Invest in a vacuum sealer today and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!