Mastering Food Preservation: Suction Vacuum Sealers vs. Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Mastering Food Preservation: Suction Vacuum Sealers vs. Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Posted by Avid Armor on Aug 16th 2023

In the world of modern culinary innovations, vacuum sealers have emerged as indispensable tools for preserving food freshness and extending its shelf life. Among the various types of vacuum sealers available, two popular options stand out: suction vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the similarities and differences between these two remarkable devices and shed light on why chamber vacuum sealers hold a distinct advantage, enhancing your lifestyle in more ways than one.

Suction Vacuum Sealers: The Basics and Beyond

Suction vacuum sealers, also known as external vacuum sealers, are the most common type found in many households. These compact devices work by removing air from specifically designed vacuum bags, creating an airtight seal around the food.

Here are some key characteristics and benefits of suction vacuum sealers:

1. Sealing Process: These compact devices operate by placing your food in a specially designed vacuum bag that has embossment on one side and is smooth on the other. The vacuum sealer then sucks out the air from the bag, creating an airtight seal around the contents. 

2. Simple Operation: Using a suction vacuum sealer involves placing the open end of the bag into the machine, which then vacuums out the air and seals the bag shut. Think of it as a high-tech version of the zipper lock bag.

3. Food Preservation: Suction vacuum sealers effectively extend the shelf life of food by preventing the growth of bacteria and slowing down the oxidation process, reducing food waste.

4. Affordability: Suction vacuum sealers are typically more budget-friendly and straightforward to use. They are suitable for occasional users or those with limited storage space. 

5. Compact Design: These vacuum sealers are generally smaller and easier to store compared to their chamber counterparts, making them ideal for small kitchens.

6. Practicality and Portability: Due to their smaller size, suction vacuum sealers are more portable, making them an excellent choice for occasional use, small kitchens, or when you’re on the go.


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Chamber Vacuum Sealers: A Glimpse into Advanced Preservation

While suction vacuum sealers are popular, chamber vacuum sealers offer a higher level of performance and versatility. These machines utilize a different technology and design, making them a preferred choice for professional chefs, serious home cooks, and those who want to preserve their food.

Here are some key characteristics and benefits of chamber vacuum sealers:

1. Pressure Plays a Role: Unlike their suction counterparts, chamber vacuum sealers operate within a controlled chamber. This environment allows for precise pressure adjustment, making them ideal for preserving liquid or liquid-rich foods.

2. How it Works: When using a chamber vacuum sealer, you place your food inside a chamber pouch (which is smooth on both sides), and put the entire bag into the machine’s chamber. The chamber is then sealed, and the air is removed from both the bag and the chamber simultaneously, creating an even and strong vacuum.

3. Vacuum Power: Chamber vacuum sealers can achieve a higher level of vacuum pressure, resulting in a more thorough removal of air and a superior seal. This is especially beneficial when preserving liquids or marinades.

4. Versatility: These vacuum sealers can handle a wider variety of foods, including liquids, and sauces, produce, meats and seafood, baked goods, dry ingredients and grains, pre-prepared meals, bulk ingredients for storage, and so much more.

5. Efficiency: Chamber vacuum sealers are capable of sealing multiple pouches in a quick succession without overheating. This makes them a time-efficient choice for bulk food preparation.


Enhancing Your Lifestyle with Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Investing in a chamber vacuum sealer can revolutionize your culinary experience and elevate your lifestyle in numerous ways:

1. Extend Freshness: Say goodbye to food wastage as a chamber vacuum sealer locks in flavors, nutrients, and freshness, allowing you to enjoy your favorite ingredients for longer.

2. Batch Cooking and Meal Prep: With the ability to vacuum seal multiple portions efficiently, you can engage in batch cooking and meal prepping, saving time and ensuring consistent taste and nutritional value in every dish.

3. Marination Made Perfect: Chamber vacuum sealers enhance marination by infusing flavors deep into the food, resulting in more flavorful and tender meats.

4. Pickling and Flavorful Infusions: Chamber sealers offer an innovative way to infuse flavors by accelerating the process, resulting in intensified flavors. Experiment with anything from pickles to fruit, libations and more. Elevate your culinary creations!

5. Mylar Mastery: Chamber vacuum sealers possess the capability to effectively vacuum seal Mylar bags, extending their usability for long-term food storage. The controlled pressure environment ensures a reliable seal, safeguarding your provisions against external elements and maintaining their quality over time.

6. Sous Vide Success: Achieve culinary perfection with sous vide cooking by using chamber vacuum sealed pouches to maintain precise cooking temperatures and retain juices.

7. Cost-Effective Buying: Buy foods in bulk or during sales, vacuum seal them with a chamber sealer, and enjoy the cost savings without compromising quality.


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In summary, while both suction vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers possess their own advantages, the latter undeniably presents more versatility in the realm of food preservation. The precision and effectiveness of chamber vacuum sealers amplify your culinary skills, granting you the freedom to delve into innovative methods beyond traditional food packaging. Embrace the evolution of food preservation and enrich your lifestyle with enhanced sustainability and culinary exploration!

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