Side by Side Comparison of the Avid Armor Ultra Series Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Side by Side Comparison of the Avid Armor Ultra Series Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Posted by Avid Armor on Mar 21st 2022

Introducing the next generation in the Avid Armor chamber vacuum sealers Ultra Series, the USVX.

Now that we've launched another model, the biggest question we hear is..."What's the difference?"

The biggest difference between the three chamber sealers is the SIZE of them.

So what does that mean?

With a smaller chamber than the USV32 and a larger chamber than the USV20, the USVX gives you the flexibility to vacuum seal moderate size family portions, where the USV20 is best for smaller size individual/family size portions, and the USV32 is best for vacuum sealing larger food items and portions. Every chamber sealer is ideal for vacuum sealing food for long-term storage and sous vide cooking, but making the decision on which sealer is most suitable for you depends on what size of food portions and items you want to vacuum seal.

The size of the chamber also determines what size of chamber pouches fit inside of them. The USVX seal bar is only 10”, which means the maximum chamber pouch size we recommend is 10”x13”. The USV20 seal bar is 11.5”, but the chamber is smaller, so the recommended maximum pouch size is 11”x10”. The USV32 seal bar is also 11.5”, but the chamber is much larger than the USV20 & USVX chambers, therefore, the maximum recommended pouch size is 11”x13”.

Note: Even though the USVX seal bar is smaller than the USV20, the overall chamber size is larger.

What are the differences?

Besides the size that we already discussed, there are a few other differences between the three.

1. Unlike the stainless steel design of the USV20 and USV32, the USVX was designed with a sleek, black stainless finish to complement today’s modern style to create a timeless design for any kitchen.

2. The USVX & USV20 chambers are made from a molded plastic, the USV32 chamber is made of stainless steel.

3. The USVX has a different design of control panel compared to the USV20 & USV32.

   - The USV20 & USV32 have manual vacuum and seal times that are measured in seconds.

   - The USVX has 3 “Vacuum Levels” that range from minimum to maximum vacuum and 3 “Seal Times”.

4. The USVX & USV20 have an accessory port for vacuum sealing external jars and canisters, the USV32 does not.

5. The USVX weighs 18.80 lbs, where the USV20 is 17.55 lbs and the USV32 is 26.4 lbs.

6. The USVX & USV20 have a small metal pouch clamp to hold the pouch in place, whereas the USV32 has a pouch clamp bar.

7. The USVX & USV20 have a flat, tempered glass lid, the USV32 has an arched, tempered glass lid to give more height to the chamber.

What are some similarities?

1. The USVX, USV20, & USV32 can all vacuum seal mylar bags up to 7 mil.

2. The USVX, USV20, & USV32 all have a marinate function.

3. The USVX, UXV20, & USV32 all have a double seal and double wire seal width.

Below is a chart with all the specs for comparison, as well as dimensions.